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Our team consists of a board of physicians, advanced practice providers, and technologists. Together we have merged multiple skill sets to bring you the CTMD platform. We have a shared vision to improve access to specialty care. We provide a convenient, reliable, cost-effective platform that expedites patient care delivery and enhances patient satisfaction.

Why CTMD consults?

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Improved satisfaction by PCP’s
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reduction in total cost of care
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reduction in face to face specialist visits


Our goals are to expand access to health care, reduce delays in seeking specialist care and increase practitioner confidence in their recommendations to patients, with insight from medical specialists.


Our mission is to inform and educate primary health care practitioners so they can deliver the highest quality of patient care. We strive to enhance health equity for all, where geographical location does not limit access to medical expertise.

The ability to access specialist advice quickly has been a game changer for my primary care patients and enhanced the quality of care I can deliver to them.
During the Global pandemic, there have been exceptionally long wait times for seeing specialists. The CTMD platform is very valuable in providing evidence-based prompt patient care. It has helped me increase patient satisfaction, and at the same time helped me to learn more evidence-based guidelines.
This application has really helped me obtain quick answers without waiting for my patient to seeing a specialist. At times a visit to specialist has been completely avoided.
As a specialist this platform gives me the opportunity to offer my expert opinion, when a patient may otherwise be unable to access this level of care due to their location.

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